world blind union

Some fabulous information and support is provided at this site.

The World Blind Union works to make the world a better place for those of us who are blind or partially sighted. In order to do this effectively we must tackle issues dealing with all aspects of life, and focus on technologies that have a direct effect on the lives of everyone.  

Our priorities are decided upon at the WBU General Assembly, held every four years. The key priorities and initiatives are articulated in the WBU Strategic Plan found in this section. For each priority or focus area, we set up committees and working groups and these are listed and described on that page. WBU Officers and others who represent member organizations work on these committees.
The work undertaken by the WBU on behalf of its members is carried out in the six WBU Regions and by WBU members who assume responsibility for various initiatives. As blind people from around the globe working together over the years, we have achieved much and advanced our cause by working on many diverse issues.

Our key priorities are: Equal access to society through technology and implementing the UN CRPD, Education and literacy by supporting the Right to Read Campaign, and Employment through the Right to Work initiative. These are further explained under the Our Priorities page.