The Australian Braille Authority is pleased to announce the release of the Unified English Braille Australian Training Manual (2014) in braille format.

While the Training Manual is designed as a teaching tool for sighted people, touch readers may benefit from its less formal explanations of UEB compared with the UEB Rulebook. The braille version will also be of value to touch readers engaged in braille teaching. 

The UEB Australian Training Manual can be downloaded through the Round Table website at

In addition to the PDF print version, you will now find five BRF files. The embossable braille version is in four volumes, designed to be embossed on A4 size paper with 30 cells per line and 25 lines per page. If opened using the Duxbury Braille Translator, “read formatted braille without interpretation” should be checked in the Global menu under Formatted Braille Importer. The fifth BRF file has been designed to be read using a refreshable braille display.

Our thanks are extended to Kathy Riessen and Christine Simpson, who undertook the mammoth task of transcribing and proofreading this complex document.