Stem cells used to grow eye lenses could help treat young and old with cataracts

Copied from ABC

By medical reporter Sophie Scott and the Specialist Reporting Team’s Alison Branley

Ben Myatt was born with dense cataracts

Ben Myatt was one of 100 children born with cataracts in Australia each year.

Little Ben Myatt was born with cataracts so dense and cloudy, it is possible to see them in some of his baby photos.

At the time they were detected, Ben was just three months old. His mother Erin noticed he was not following objects properly.

“We took him to an optometrist to get an an eye test,” she said. “He told us that he thought he had cataracts and we’re like ‘OK, really?’ We didn’t know babies got that.”

Ben had surgery to have his faulty lenses removed, but like all babies with cataracts he was too small to have new artificial lenses inserted.

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