With SpeakSee deaf people don’t have to avoid group conversations anymore

Dutch start-up SpeakSee aims to make (group) conversations accessible for people with hearing loss. SpeakSee is an assistive device that uses advanced speech recognition algorithms to capture the speech in group conversations and transcribes it into text on the smartphone, in real time. This way people with hearing loss can read what’s being said, in every environment. The young man behind this device has parents who are deaf.

SpeakSee uses microphones that are placed near the speaker’s mouth to capture speech. You hand out the microphones and carry on with the conversation. It can also be plugged in to smartphones, conference call-systems and televisions, and transcribe the speech to text. It doesn’t come cheap: The expected future retail price is $699,-. The pre-sale campaign starting today, offers an exclusive price of $399 for a basic set of three microphones and a charging dock. The set can be extended to nine microphones.

More information on the website: https://www.speak-see.com/