RIDBC has launched a number of educational apps created by our own Multimedia Team in association with RIDBC education and clinical staff from our organisation. These apps cover a variety of subjects including:

  • Auslan Storytime app is aimed at children who sign or are learning to sign, and enjoy having stories told to them in Auslan. Parents or teachers wanting to learn more about how to tell stories in Auslan in a way that is interesting for young children to watch, may also benefit from this app. When you click on a story, you have two options. One is to watch the story being told. The other is to watch an Auslan tips video.This helps parents or teachers learn more Auslan to be better able to read stories to their own children or students
  • Song apps that provide educational ideas and animated interactive games to encourage the development of listening and language skills in young children including those with hearing loss
  • Adapting Signs app helps children with vision loss and significant developmental or intellectual impairments, to develop key signs to communicate
  • Discover the Park app is designed to introduce children who are blind, or who have vision loss, to Apple’s screen reader VoiceOver Software
  • Auslan Tutor app is a portable, video-based Auslan teaching resource developed specifically for mobile devices
  • Sign and Sounds app enables the user to watch signs of different objects taken from a variety of places and situations outside or around the home

To find out more or download the apps click on the link below: