Reminder, about our pawesome Teenager’s Guide Dog Mobility Program

Wednesday 11th and 12th December 2018.

If you have an interest in using a Guide Dog as your mobility aid at some point in the future, then this program is for you. Click here to download a printable attachment with more information.
To register your interest or to find out more please contact Customer Service on 1800 804 805 by the 23rd of November.

The Teenager’s Guide Dog Mobility Program consists of a number of different sessions across the two days catering for all ages and abilities. The program will provide you with valuable information so that you will leave with a better idea if a Guide Dog is potentially the best aid for you, including a hands-on experience with a Guide Dog.

You will be introduced to the practical requirements for success using a Guide Dog as a mobility aid, including;

  •  Orientation and Mobility skills required
  •  Knowledge and understanding of a Dog as an animal and as a mobility aid
  •  External factors that may influence outcomes e.g. changes in living and work/study conditions, structured/unstructured lifestyle, social implications, regular travel routes, communication and leadership skills, “maturity”, cost, etc.
  •  Structure of a GDM program
  •  Progression of O&M skills
  •  Cost considerations for GDM
  •  “Feel” of GDM through a trail walk (depending on numbers of participants and dogs available)
  •  An intensive practical component for those who are considering a Guide Dog in the next 18months. This will include practical route travel, road crossing and grooming components