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Get this entertaining Memory game app for iPad NOW!

Ballyland Sound Memory is the latest app by Sonokids – and some say it’s the best so far!  Ballyland Sound Memory is a fun sound-matching audio game, specifically designed for children who are blind or visually impaired. It challenges listening and memory skills, and is engaging and fun for all! Like all popular Ballyland game apps for iPad, Ballyland Sound Memory introduces children with visual impairments to new, important digital skills: a digital game grid (spoken rows and columns), and new navigational gestures. Take advantage of the special introductory price of 2.99 USD – offer ends 1 January 2018!
Now available from the Appstore.

•    Digital game grid (spoken rows and columns)

•    Three game modes

•    Six sound sets, including the popular Ballylanders

•    Black Curtain to create a level playing field for all

Wheelie in 3D: the perfect match with Ballyland Sound Memory!

Wheelie, the ‘face’ of the new Ballyland Sound Memory app, is now available in 3D! Download the free file from the website, and print the 3D learning tool. Print a large size model to enable the child to tactually explore Wheelie’s features, including his turning wheels. Or print a mini version and use it as a character in a tactile grid that you make up from LEGO or with raised lines. Also available for printing in 3D: Ballicopter and Squeaky. Ballyland 3D learning tools and apps make for original Christmas or birthday gifts! For more information, visit the Sonokids website, at Ballyland Sound Memory for iPad, available from the App Store, is a fun, sound matching game, introducing blind and visually impaired kids to new digital skills. Wheelie follows every flick gesture.
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