Measure of Early Vision Use (MEVU)

Researchers from Australian Catholic University are testing a new measure to describe how a child uses vision in everyday activities. This measure was initially developed for use with parents of children with cerebral palsy, and researchers are now looking at its usefulness with children with vision impairment. They are seeking:

  • parents and caregivers of children with vision impairment up to the age of 6 years (from birth to 5 years 11 months); and
  • parents and caregivers of children with cerebral palsy, or at high risk of developing CP, up to the age of 6 years. In this group we need parents and caregivers of children with good visual abilities and poor visual abilities, and everything in-between.

If families choose to participate, they will be asked to complete an online survey. There are some questions about them and their child, and the ‘Measure of Early Vision Use’ (MEVU) to complete. The MEVU consists of 14 questions and should not take more than 10 minutes to answer, however completion of the entire survey may take up to 40 minutes depending on how many sections completed.

The project is now at a second stage where we are hoping to investigate the use of  MEVU on children with vision impairment.  We have approval with the RIDBC Research Committee to advertise the project to RIDBC families, to invite them to participate. The project also has full ethics clearance with the Australian Catholic University and The University of Newcastle Human Research Ethics Committee.

If you are interested please go on to read the Participant Information Sheet.

Participant Information Sheet_v2_20.3.20