On Monday 28th May, an education seminar on multisensory impairment was held at Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI). This seminar was live streamed and is now available here for viewing. It features five of our international speakers from the Melbourne CHARGE Syndrome conference.

  • Professor Tim Hartshorne – effective strategies for supporting and improving educational and communication outcomes for multi-sensory impaired learners.
  • Dr Daniel Gadke – intervention strategies within a multi-tiered system of support to students with multi-sensory impairments and ASD.
  • Dr Kasee Stratton-Gadke – sexuality and wellbeing for students with multi-sensory impairments.
  • Professor Nancy Hartshorne – multi-disciplinary assessments of students who are deafblind or have multi-sensory impairments.
  • David Brown – therapeutic educational approach that views challenging behaviours as adaptive behaviours that are in fact achievements.

The audience for this seminar included parents, specialist and mainstream teachers, educational support staff, speech pathologists, psychologists, audiologists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Please consider sharing this video with your child’s education specialists and therapists.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Levesque, General Manager of VDEI for coordinating this seminar.

Kind regards

Madelene Rich

President | CHARGE Syndrome Association of Australasia Ltd

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