This is a fantastic resource for parents/carers/teachers. It is available on the Texas School for the Blind website.

The relevant research tells us that variations in visually impaired children’s abilities and characteristics are related in part to variations in their environmental circumstances (Warren, 1994). We know a rich physical environment versus a restricted environment and encouragement to engage the environment rather than being protected from it positively affects development.

This checklist attempts to look at factors that can be addressed in the visually impaired child’s environment that will lead to more independence. Looking at both the physical and social environment, the checklist is divided into three areas:

  • Physical Environment,
  • People/Expectations & Opportunities, and
  • Materials.

Check all areas that seem to be a concern so that the teachers and team working with the child can develop strategies to increase independence and mobility.

To read the full checklist please click on the link below: