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When a degenerative disease robbed Holly Craig of her eyesight, she gave up on her dreams of a career on stage.

She quit her Theatre Studies degree in Bathurst and moved back to Sydney.

“I thought that was the end of my performing career or my career in the theatre or doing anything creative,” she said.

Almost a decade later, Craig, now 27, is beginning to dream again, as she takes centre stage for a solo dance in a production at the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney.

“When I dance, it doesn’t matter how much I weigh,” she said, “or that I have a disability.”

“I feel capable, I feel strong and I feel beautiful.”

The stage floor for the production, Dignity of Risk, has been specially designed to allow Craig to feel her way around.

“I can really only see light and dark,” she said. “I can see the lights but that’s about all.”

The play brings together actors from youth organisation Shopfront’s Harness ensemble — a group made up predominately of young actors with disabilities — and the Australian Theatre for Young People.