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Source: June Newsletter QBWA


From Little Things Big Things Grow

Early 2017, Braille House was approached by a Townsville Girl Guides chapter to put together a program of activities the girls could undertake to gain an awareness of blindness or low vision.  This was going to be a challenge not only to come up with the right activities that were interesting, fun and raised awareness, but also appealed to children from ages 5 to 15.  So the brains trust of volunteers here at Braille House put their heads together and the Braille Awareness Program was born.  A dotty box of activities that can be modified depending on the age and capability of the person using them.

The Brisbane City Council, through its Community Development and Capacity Building Grant Program, provided a grant to fund 30 of these programs.  It soon became apparent that our little boxes were very appealing particularly to early childhood learning organisations, kindies, preps and schools.  Kayt, a children’s entertainer, created shows full of puppetry, magic and fun to guide children with their magic fingers through an introduction to braille.  These shows have proven a hit and are now at Braille House, 1st Monday morning each month (during school terms).

But we didn’t stop there!  With the continuing theme of integration, we expanded our twin vision picture books to include brailled tape as well as inserted sleeves – Yes, our volunteers unbind picture books, insert the sleeves and rebind the books.  There are now some 370+ picture books in our children’s library and growing (thank you to everyone who has donated books to be twin-visioned).  With this, we introduced Corporate Library Memberships where organisations (throughout Australia) can borrow our picture books to include in their libraries and resources, changing them when they need to.

From its humble beginnings some 12 months ago, Braille House’s Braille Awareness Program has now been nominated for the 2018 What’s On 4 Kids National Award: Best ‘not-for-profit’ activity for kids.  Please vote for us by going to and choosing Braille House under the last category “Best Not-For-Profit Activity for Kids”.

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