Learn how to adapt signs for children with significant vision impairment and additional needs. Some children who have vision impairment and additional needs may not develop speech and may require another way to communicate their message, such as simple signing. However, some children with significant vision impairment cannot see signs clearly and may require some signs to be adapted to best meet their individual needs.

RIDBC’s Adapting Signs App provides information to help families decide whether adapting signs will suit their child’s needs, teaches how to adapt signs, and provides practical tips to best support a child to learn a sign.

Features include: Information about vision impairment, video footage showing the step-by-step process, a small set of suggested already adapted signs, and an individualised sign dictionary to record your own signs. These features assist families to understand and use this individualised approach to signing.

Our friend, Annette Clarke, is very excited about the new launch.

“Just wanted to let everyone know that the “Adapting Signs” app that I have been working on went live yesterday on the app store. The app describes how to adapt signs for children who have signficant vision impairment and who may use a few signs expressively. It has an individualised dictionary as well where you can record the signs. This function may suit children who use modified/individualised signs for other reasons. I have some promotional codes so if you would like a free version, let me know! A big thank you to all the staff and families who have made this project possible.”

Download the app here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/adapting-signs/id951955092?mt=8