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VI Family Network

The VI Family Network provides links to Australian low vision resources, newsletters from partner organisations and events that families might like to find out about. The VI Family Network is also home to the Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register.

The Australian Childhood

Vision Impairment Register

The Australian Childhood Vision Impairment Register is sponsored by the Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children, in partnership with low vision service providers, education providers, and eye health professionals across Australia. The aim of the Register is to collect data to build an accurate picture of Australian children with vision impairment. The data is used by groups who provide services to children with vision impairment and also by researchers working in the field of childhood eye and vision disorders.


NEW SOUND MEMORY GAME FROM BALLYLAND – just in time for Christmas

The perfect activity for those final days before the School Holidays: Ballyland Sound Memory’s Black Curtain Challenge!   A fun iPad game to be enjoyed at a level playing field, regardless of a visual impairment Test your listening skills and your auditory memory!  ...

Rising popularity of bat-like echolocation in Australia helping more blind people see through sound

Daniel's training is now being rolled out in Adelaide for the first time by the Royal Society for the Blind, allowing the vision-impaired to see through sound. Instructor Gayle McPherson admits she was a little sceptical of the technique at first "because it wasn't...


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